People who challenge for a dream.

This is the path that I choose for making my dream come true

“Phiten-Breadcraft-Cottage Lane” is a cycle racing team that David Rowlands, Glenn Rewi, and Antony Nalder belong to. Members of the team take on training and races while working hard in their business or academic fields. Some team members are looking at participating in the 2017 World Championship, a top competition for amateur racers.

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Continuing body care is essential for the body that is abused during hard work and training.

It is my habit to do stretching and body care after training session.(David)

My first encounter with Phiten was from Phiten New Zealand.
I was exposed to some of the initial products like “RAKUWA Necklace” and “Power Tape”, and other than that, I am currently using “Metax Lotion” and “Titanium Roll Tape” more frequently.
I think an athlete should always try to be relaxed when they are not otherwise training.
And it helps to recharge for the next training session. That’s why I always perform stretching after training. And having “Power Tape” on my neck, around hips, and upper legs helps give relaxation.
A couple of times a week I also focus on tension and tight spots using “Metax Lotion”.
He strives for winning a race while training and practicing appropriate body care.
I create an “all-round recovery body care strategy” that combines stretching, massaging and other means to restore heavily loaded body areas during training. What is more, mental relaxation is as important as caring for the body with body care products. Chilling out with music, mediation and focusing are steps to create more rounded relaxation. At the same time, I try to combine good diet and regular sleep patterns as much as possible. My big goal at the moment is to win the Masters World Championship*, which is the greatest race for amateur racers. I am just working hard to achieve the goal by practicing care methods that suit me.

“Power Tape” helped me when I was concerned with my shoulders.(Glenn)

“Power Tape” is his favorite and is used on every-day basis.
First encounter with Phiten, the name of the company, was through David Rowlands. “Power Tape” proved to me to be good and beneficial to pre-existing shoulder trouble.
Since then, it has been my favorite and I am using it on a regular basis.
I am standing all the time when I work at the cafe, so practicing stretching and yoga is a key for trying to keep muscles supple.
I do stretching and keep moving on a daily basis to keep muscles supple and help with recovery.
I also get a weekly massage.
I have two goals and one is to get back one of my cafes, which was severely affected by the earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, to its pre-earthquake level.
And in my cycling career it would be a top team position at age-group, in the world championship in France in 2017.

Trying to maintain my body that moves as required.(Antony)

For in-line skating, he endeavors for a victory at a world-class competition.
David Rowlands introduced me Phiten products through the team.
When I don’t need training, things like “Phiten Power Tape” is quite good. They allow muscles to just relax so that I can continue training without being worried.
My everyday body care methods also includes stretching and ensuring that if I do have something that is wrong, I listen to it appropriately.
I would like to continue maintaining a good balance between my work and training.
Beside cycling, I have taken on in-line skating for many years. I would like to continue living up to my dreams by challenging myself as much as I can, together with sufficient body care.

* A series of UCI(Union Cycliste Internationale)-sanctioned road races for amateur racers, that is held at more than 10 countries worldwide.
In each event, the top 25% in each age group is qualified for the “UCI Gran Fondo World Championships”.
This is the top competitions for amateur racers with high recognition in Europe, America, Africa and Australia.

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