Trailblazing beyond
the untamed territory

The spirit that always pursues innovation and continues to fight on.

We deliver the ultimate partner for those who continually face challenges

in the sports scenes and the front lines of businesses.


Unparalleled performance in an uncompromising form, a power which

continues to trailblaze the unknown whether ON or OFF duty.

Phiten’s bodycare items are favored by many from top athletes to general public as staple products which are “easily accessible for everyone”. In addition to this, the demand has been on the increase from those in a variety of fields, including top athletes and people on the front lines of the business scene for “high-end products with highly aesthetic design which can be worn in the business or casual scenes and still maintain high performance”.

The UPG comes from the phrase “ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE GEAR”, used to describe gear which “provides the utmost, ultimate performance”. Our main catch copy phrase of “trailblazing beyond the untamed territory” is based on Phiten’s innovative craftsmanship which has blazed its way in heretofore unexplored technology areas and is meant to communicate the brand concept of being able to stir the spirit of those who share this same pursuit of trailblazing into unknown areas.

Phiten-UPG is the performance gear provided by Phiten for those who continue to battle, seeking innovation on the front lines of the sports, business and a variety of other fields.


Although they both can be worn on the body, ornamental jewelry and accessories, which struggle to be simply beautiful, and Phiten-UPG aim for vastly different areas. Phiten-UPG is aimed at ensuring the maximum performance for those who continue to fight and it promises

to deliver the best technology currently available. In addition, the stoic design which does away with any unnecessary ornamentations helps to awaken the motivation of those battling on the front lines. It’s not worn to “make oneself attractive”, but serves like a “partner” which is “worn to improve one’s performance and motivation”.

Phiten-UPG is a high-end product which can be worn during both “on time” and “off time” for those leading in the business, sports and many other fields.